SRP $19.99 1.33:1 DOLBY DIGITAL 2.0 STEREO  

Music Videos have come very far over the past two decades, as is evidenced in the compilation of 27 Elvis Costello videos within this release. But, as dated and primitive as many of these videos are, the "music" is what's most relevant, and it's much better than most of the music surrounding the periods in which they're made. 

In addition to the videos, we also get 18 live performances and audio commentary from Costello as an option for every music video! 

The original 1.33:1 aspect ratio is intact here. Unfortunately, the video quality is lacking in many instances, with colors generally subdued and only average clarity. This appears to be due to the source material, as there are minimal artifacts.

There is only a Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo mix. Although we'd have loved a "DTS" mix, the music sounds terrific as presented here. The fidelity is fine and his music rarely offered much in the way of bass, so it's not missing here.

Music Videos include:

Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea/Pump It Up/Radio, Radio/(What's So Funny `Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding/Oliver's Army/Accidents Will Happen/I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down/High Fidelity/Love For Tender/Possession/New Amsterdam/Clubland/New Lace Sleeves/Good Year For The Roses/Sweet Dreams/
You Little Fool/Everyday I Write The Book/Let Them All Talk/The Only Flame In Town/I Wanna Be Loved/Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood/Veronica/This Town/The Other Side Of Summer/So Like Candy/Sulky Girl/13 Steps Lead Down