Made shortly after the success of Oliver Stone’s “JFK”, “RUBY” tries its best to be controversial, but ultimately fails completely!  While it’s easy to argue about various facts and depictions in Stone’s film, and he certainly may have exaggerated the significant roles played by various characters, many of these characters at least existed!  In “RUBY”, a significant aspect to the story’s retelling of events, is all told via a stripper, “Candy Cane”, whom the film’s closing credits state never existed!  Sherilyn Fenn does a decent job here, as does Danny Aiello in the main role, but it doesn’t mitigate the frustration of finding out that most of what’s been relayed to the viewer couldn’t have happened on any level!

The film, even as fictional drama, is only mediocre.  While it does a fine job recreating the period it depicts, there’s virtually no suspense here, and the plot isn’t all that involving, as we’ve seen it all before and better!

COLUMBIA TRISTAR has preserved the film’s 1.85:1 aspect ratio, with 16:9 enhancement.  The image is solid, offering pleasant color balance and detail. While not vibrant, the image is consistently sharp. Contrast is fine, with deep blacks and grays, allowing for great detail in darker scenes.  Fleshtones appear natural.

COLUMBIA TRISTAR has presented a Dolby 2.0 mix for this release.  There is some minor separation in the front soundstage, but for most of the film, it’s basically a center channel display.  Dialogue is always intelligible and free from distortion. 

Several trailers are included.