We still thing Peter Berg's best film was his first, "VERY BAD THINGS", but his engaging visual style helps make "THE RUNDOWN" better than its script limitations.  Following the cliche "Buddy" film, "THE RUNDOWN" pairs Dwayne "the rock" Johnson and Seann William Scott, as something like a bounty hunter/enforcer of sorts and his latest target, his boss's son, who has been resting far too much on his laurels in the Amazon.  The story is ridiculous, but the leads appear to be having fun and their breezy style is entertaining to watch, making the film move along at an enjoyable pace and helping to overlook giant holes in the plot. Throw in a love interest(Rosario Dawson) and a really bad guy(Christopher Walken) and you've got an entertaining if silly film.

UNIVERSAL has preserved the correct 2.35:1 aspect ratio of the film.  Colors for this HD-DVD release are far superior to the previous dvd presentation.  Colors are still a bit too striking at times, with hues appearing too unnaturally bright in various scenes. However, the detail is excellent and the image is extremely sharp in every scene.

UNIVERSAL has provided an incredible soundmix for this release. While the Dolby Digital 5.1 mix on the standard dvd was terrific, it's not nearly as impressive as what's been achieved on the hd-dvd. Every single scene has improved fidelity!  The already active mix is even more engaging now, with non-stop surround and panning effects. The bass effects will rock the subwoofer of any home theater.

All of the extras previously available on dvd have been carried over for this hd-dvd.