COLUMBIA TRISTAR has released “SEASON 4” of the great comedy classic,
“SANFORD AND SON.”  While the previous seasons were terrific, “SEASON
4” offered more consistently funny plots.  Foxx is actually absent
for 8 episodes, and even without his great comic presence, the show
are all great!

COLUMBIA TRISTAR has presented a full frame(1.33:1) aspect ratio.
Image quality varies between episodes, offering some that are great
and some that suffer from age spots.

COLUMBIA TRISTAR has presented a Dolby Digital 2.0 monaural mix. The
quality is acceptable, although there is some minor distortion during
some laugh spots.

A 1970’s sitcom, Sanford and Son reveals a mediocre Dolby Digital 2.0
track. It works for what it needs to do. As long as you can hear Fred
you don’t need anything else.