It's hard to combine comedy, the surreal and drama, but somehow, "SCRUBS" manages to do it, and do it well.  "SCRUBS: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON" is here and it's as good as the first season, no small accomplishment at that!

Along with incredible writing, the cast is wonderful too. John C. McGinley proves Oliver Stone knew what he was doing when casting him in "PLATOON". This guy can hold his own and he's compelling to watch. 

This second season allows the cast of previous interns to assume their new role as residents.  There are plenty of great subplots, all of which actually work!  One of the best episodes features Colin Hay of "MEN AT WORK" in an ingenious bit having to do with a song played intermittently throughout the episode.  Of course, Heather Locklear is introduced as a sexy pharmaceutical sales rep, quickly becoming the object of everyone's affections.  However, unlike "MELROSE PLACE" and other series, Locklear adds to the show's comedy, without one ever feeling she's been brought on to boost ratings, whatever the case may be.

BUENA VISTA has preserved the show's 1.33:1 aspect ratio.  Episodes vary in quality, with some looking stellar and others suffering in spots with grain.  Colors are fine, though never vibrant.  Detail is solid throughout.

BUENA VISTA has provided a Dolby Digital 5.1 mix. While there are some minor surround moments, most of the separation is targeted towards the front soundstage. Dialogue is always intelligible and free from distortion.

BUENA VISTA has provided plenty of extras here.  A commentary for one of the best episodes, "MY OVERKILL", and it's highly entertaining and worth a listen.

Commentary is offered on "MY CASE STUDY", "MY CASE STUDY", "MY FIRST STEP", "MY SEX BUDDY", "HIS STORY" and "LAWRENCE AND JUDY REYES". Other extras include featurettes and an interview with McGinley.