While there are many sitcoms finding new fans on dvd, "SCRUBS", along with "ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT" is one of those rare birds actually deserving of its well praised status.  It's a witty sitcom set in a hospital, but it's more than just a spoof, it's hilarious while being creative.  It's worth defying anyone to sit through the first few episodes without grabbing their sides laughing! It's that funny and it's that good!

The entire first season is included over three discs.  My First Day (original airdate: 10/02/01)/My Mentor (10/04/01)My Best Friend's Mistake (10/09/01)My Old Lady (10/16/01)My Two Dads (10/23/01)My Bad (10/30/01)My Super Ego (11/06/01)My Fifteen Minutes (11/15/01)

DISC 2   My Day Off (11/20/01)My Nickname (11/27/01)My Own Personal Jesus (12/11/01)My Blind Date (01/08/02)My Balancing Act (01/15/02)My Drug Buddy (01/22/02)My Bed Banter & Beyond (02/05/02)My Heavy Meddle (02/26/02)

DISC 3  My Student (03/05/02)My Tuscaloosa Heart (03/12/02)My Old Man (04/09/02)My Way or The Highway (04/16/02)My Sacrificial Clam (03/30/02)My Occurrence (05/07/02)My Hero (05/14/02)My Last Day (05/21/02)

BUENA VISTA has presented the show's original 1.33:1 aspect ratio. The image is fine, although there is excessive grain in a few episodes. Colors are often striking, however.

BUENA VISTA has presented a DOLBY DIGITAL Surround mix.  While there are some creative surround moments, most of the show is focused towards the center channel, and the witty dialogue is always intelligible and free from distortion.

There are some fun extras here, including deleted scenes, featurettes and three great commentaries.