While it's one of the best comedy series ever created for tv, "SEINFELD: SEASON 8" just isn't as funny as the first three seasons of the show had been.  Larry David had left by this season and while even the seasons just preceding with David on hand, weren't side-splittingly funny, they were filled with more consistently funny moments.  "SEASON 8" does have its share of great episodes, however, including: "THE BIZARRO JERRY," "THE POTHOLE," "THE SUMMER OF GEORGE" and some others. 

While George's employment with the Yankees provides great material, the stuff involving the foundation for his late fiance, becomes tedious, fast! Still, fans of the show, which lasted for another successful "9th" season, will love this set!

Film lovers will appreciate the inside-jokes made at critically successful but awful films like "THE ENGLISH PATIENT" as well!

SONY has provided the same 1.33:1 aspect ratio for this set as on previous seasons.  The image is well polished and and colors are solid. Artifacts are virtually non-existent. There is minimal grain in a few instances, but not enough to take away from the otherwise stellar presentation.

SONY has provided a Dolby Digital 2.0 mix, that like previous seasons, is presented quite well. Dialogue and effects are well balanced throughout and there's no distortion.

Additionally, there are loads of extras, including mini-documentaries, deleted scenes, blooper reels and great commentaries!