"SMALLVILLE," the re-envision of the "Superman" saga, is having its 7th season on blu-ray, from WARNER BROS.  This series has managed to maintain its consistently impressive production values and strong writing with each season. Unfortunately, only season 6 and now "7" are currently available on blu-ray thus far.  But, hopefully, after new fans enjoy "season 7," earlier seasons will be released in the format.

"Smallville: Season 7" offers 20 great episodes, and some of them are among the best of the series. Inspired, in a similar way to the great "IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE," one episode allows Jor-El to show Clark how much he's touched the world, by showing what Earth would be like, had he not come to save it. Another great episode actually features a great appearance by Dean Cain! And, of course, this season is blessed with the beautiful girl, seen all too little in the great film, "THE LOOKOUT," actress Laura Vandervoort, playing Kara, Kal-El's cousin. There are many more great things about this season, but most importantly, even new viewers will become fans upon viewing one or two episodes of the show, especially as presented on blu-ray.

WARNER BROS has provided the correct 1.78:1 aspect ratio for this 1080p/VC-1 aspect ratio.  Colors are extremely vibrant, perfectly complimenting the comic-book inspired production design of the series.  Blacks aren't exactly inky, but deep enough to enhance the darkest scenes with surprising detail, even more impressive than presented on the high-definition network airings of the show.  While some grain pops up at times, it's never intrusive.

WARNER BROS. has presented a Dolby Digital 5.1 mix for this release.  Surrounds aren't aggressive, but during some key scenes, music, ambient and discrete effects are complimented through all speakers for an immersive experience. Unfortunately, bass is less pronounced than we'd have preferred.

Some great extras are offered, including commentaries on two episodes, as well as some animated cartoons.