Smart People (Blu-ray)
SRP$34.99   2.35:1 PCM 5.1


SRP $29.99 2.35:1(16:9) DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1 BUENA VISTA

Dennis Quaid stars in "SMART PEOPLE" as a very smart "English Professor." Unfortunately, as smart as he is, he's just watching his life go by, and not really participating or even being able to care about the people around him. His daugher, a very smart, teenager(Ellen Page) and also a Republican. When a former student(Sara Jessica Parker) shows up around the same time that his brother(Thomas Hayden Church) is wearing his brother out with leech-like needs, something begins to make the professer emerge from his near catatonic state. Unfortunately, even with fine acting and some intelligent dialogue, the story doesn't really go anywhere new. It always stops short of breaking new ground, just when it could.

While there are some genuinely funny moments, and even some moving ones, "SMART PEOPLE" never achieves what it should, and ultimately serves as a reminder, that even a smart director and smart cast can't fix an "average" script.

BUENA VISTA has provided the correct 2.35:1 aspect ratio for this 1080p/AVC MPEG-4 blu-ray transfer, and the dvd is 16:9 enhanced.  While the dvd looks good, and colors appear consistently accurate, they never approach the richness of the blu-ray. There is also consistant, subtle grain throughout the dvd. While grain also appears on the blu-ray, it's less intrusive. The blu-ray offers flawless detail in scene after scene. Unfortunately, the imagery isn't that impressive and while it isn't a dull looking film, there aren't any notable instances wherein the fine resolution of the blu-ray allows image the opportunity to "jump off the screen" with impact.

BUENA VISTA has included a PCM 5.1 mix for blu-ray and Dolby Digital 5.1 mix for dvd. The surround speakers are rarely noticeable on either fomat. The front stage offers adequate separation, but neither mix is impressive, and neither differentiates itself from the other in terms of dynamic range.

Included with both presentations is a coupon good for a ticket to the upcoming film, "BLINDNESS," for a specified amount of time. A running commentary is included, but it's hard to listen to, as it's so slow and lacks the kind of passion and energy that can make a commentary great even on a so-so film! A featurette about the film with actors discussing their characters, is also included.