SRP $14.95 1.85:1 MONO MGM
The 1970s were one of the best decades for movies. Whether dealing
with political overtones of the period, or pushing the envelope for
comedy, there hasn’t been as steady and consistent a stream of high
quality films in any decade since.  “SMILE” is not without its
flaws…Director Michael Ritchie may very well be one of the least
talented directors in history! However, even with a horrible
director, the Jerry Belson script and wonderful acting, help make
“SMILE” one of the funniest films of any period.  The film is set
around the Santa Rosa Young American Miss Pageant, a beauty contest
so devoid of real value, that it makes the Miss America Pageant
winner seem comparable to winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Bruce Dern,
Barbara Feldon and Annette O’Toole star as just a few of the
characters in this film, but this is really an ensemble cast and the
casting is terrific. Everyone is perfect here, and a very young
Melanie Griffith is on hand as an incredibly dumb contestant.  Even
within this satire, it’s never really mean-spirited and while there
are some bizarre moments that may be considered “extremely” dark,
it’s ultimately a very funny, warm-hearted movie.
MGM has preserved the original 1.85:1 aspect ratio, but it’s not
enhanced for 16:9. The image is adequate, but colors are inconsistent
in richness and often bordering on dull. A fair amount of grain
appears in several scenes as well. 
MGM has presented the original mono mix. Fidelity is decent, as is
evident from the Nat King Cole song presentation. Dialogue is always
intelligible and free from distortion.