South Park - The Imaginationland Trilogy DVD Cover Art

SOUTH PARK consistently pushes the envelope, offering ingenious, hilarious, fresh takes on politics, social inequity and more, typically having a preponderance of great episodes in comparison to the few that aren't(the ones involving Canada, for some reason).  "IMAGINATIONLAND" is comprised of three back-to-back episodes wherein Butters goes to "Imaginationland" in order to join forces with inept, but "good" characters like Cinderella, while battling "Bin-laden" like terrorists unleashing evil creatures like Captain Hook, Freddy Krueger and others.  A great sub-plot involves Cartman trying to make Kyle honor a bet involving oral gratification, for nothing more than the point of embarrassing Kyle.

Some of the jokes are extended a bit too long, but some of the extended ones still have a certain brilliance to them, like the annoying, "Imaginationland" song, derived of nothing, but presented as if it's something special, therein lying a pretty witty comment on what sells for entertainment sometimes.

PARAMOUNT has provided an atypical 1.78:1 aspect ratio, which is welcome, but without 16:9 enhancement(not welcome!). This means that while getting a pleasant cinematic-like ratio, we also have to experience more compression related artifacts than found on a typical South Park "season" release.  Colors are rich, and the overall image is decent, while imperfect.

PARAMOUNT has provided a Dolby Digital 5.1 mix, again, unusual for "South Park" releases. More surprising is the fact that we get some fun discrete and surround effects, although most separation is delegated to the front speakers. 

A great commentary with Matt Stone and Trey Parker is included, offering insight into the development of an episode, while offering some funny asides.

Two short storyboard sequences are offered, along with two complete "South Park" Episodes, one involving the Woodland Critters and another revolving around the Cartman finding treasure and also involving Al Gore!