Television has proven that the longevity of a series doesn't necessarily mean greatness.  "THE SIMPSONS", and "SEINFELD" both lost their edge the longer the series lasted.  So far "SOUTH PARK" has proven to not only be great, but improve with each season!  It's one of the few shows, excluding "FAMILY GUY" that really takes risks for a laugh.  This fact is made evident in "SEASON 5" with the episode, "OSAMA BIN LADEN HAS FARTY PANTS".  This emmy-nominated episode aired only months after the 9/11 tragedy! It's hilarious and shows these guys are bold, innovative and not afraid to take on any topic! It was actually a necessity to do so and it worked. IT IS HILARIOUS!!!  But, almost every one of the 14 episodes making up this season, are terrific! 

PARAMOUNT has presented this season, as with past seasons, with each show in order of its original air date.  As these are uncensored(un-bleeped), the very first episode, "IT HITS THE FAN", will prove too harsh for anyone unfamiliar with the series. The curse word "s--t" is used over 150 times! But, "besides" the cursing, that particular episode is hilarious. For those who've just never given the show a try, "SEASON 5" is a must! Episodes like "HERE COMES THE NEIGHBORHOOD" really demonstrate what the series is capable of!

PARAMOUNT has preserved the show's original 1.33:1 aspect ratio.  Colors are solid, but there are signs of aliasing in a few scenes. At first glance, new viewers might mistake the animation as that of a poor quality show. IT ISN'T! The simple animation is intentional!

PARAMOUNT has provided a Dolby Digital Surround mix. There are some minor rear speaker effects, but most separation effects are delegated to the front speakers. Dialogue is intelligible, but there is some minor distortion in a few instances. 

PARAMOUNT has included some minor extras for this release. Creators/writers Trey Parker and Matt Stone provide short(3 minute) commentaries at the beginning of each episode, after the opening credits. Unfortunately, they're too short and will leave audiences wishing they'd run for the entire show.