SRP $39.95 2.35:1 DTS-HD Lossless 5.1 FOX

While former cinematographer Jan De Bont's more recent films, "TWISTER", "THE HAUNTING",etc have been absolute crap, his directorial debut, "SPEED" is a great action film.  Keanu Reeves stars as a Swat Officer after a crazy bomber, played brilliantly by Dennis Hopper. When a bus driver is shot, an unwitting passenger, Sandra Bullock has to take over the steering as it's made clear the bomber has created a detonation scenario where if the bus goes under 50 miles per hour, it will blow up. Bullock and Reeves end up working together in an effort to prevent the pending bloodbath.

Sure, there are flaws in the plot and a fair share of predictable moments, but it's well directed, edited, shot and even acted! 

FOX has provided a 1080p/MPEG 4 transfer with 2.35:1 aspect ratio.  While the grain present in every previous dvd mastering is still present, it's much less noticeable in this Blu-ray release. More impressive, colors are noticeably more vibrant than before, allowing the image to really blow away the audience in scene after scene.  The detail is terrific, even in the darkest scenes, and blacks and grays are deep.  There's an impressive amount of depth, allowing for many "WOW" moments of near three-dimensional imagery.

FOX has provided a DTS-HD Lossless mix that is of DEMONSTRATION QUALITY!  This is one of the more aggressive mixes available in any HIGH DEFINITION format so far.  Surrounds are utilized in virtually every scene, whether to boost atmosphere or boost the terrific, nail biting score. Discrete and panning effects are utilized in numerous scenes. Fidelity is better here than in any of the previous dvd presentations. Dialogue  is always intelligible, not an easy task considering the layers upon layers of sound/music effects taking place almost constantly.

FOX has provided some fun extras here. The audio commentary with the director and producer is great, but even more impressive are the "pop-up" trivia track and interactive game.