Coinciding with the theatrical release of the comedic updating of the popular ‘70s tv series, COLUMBIA TRISTAR has released the complete first season of “STARSKY AND HUTCH.” David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser star in the title role, but the Ford Grand Torino, colorful characters, and spectacularly “loud” clothing, were as much of a reason for fans to keep tuning in with huge numbers. Storylines seldom veered much from standard tv fare of the day, but the main star’s chemistry and the being able to count on running into a loveable pimp, makes it even more unintentionally hilarious and entertaining.

COLUMBIA TRISTAR has preserved the series’ original 1.33:1 aspect ratio. Colors are solid, without a any hint of oversaturation. Contrast is in great condition, with deep blacks and grays. There are some artifacts related to compression, most likely due to the series being reduced to only 5 discs instead of 6.

COLUMBIA TRISTAR has included the original monaural mix, which is suitable, although fidelity is limited.

There are some extras thrown in with this release, including: “BEHIND THE BADGE”- a series of cast and crew interviews. “THE THIRD CHARACTER” is a short featurette paying homage to a Torino from the show. “STARSKY AND HUTCH: THE MOVIE”- a promotional featurette for the comedic theatrical film inspired by the series. Add to this a pull-out poster, and a section dedicated to bloopers, and there’s enough here to please any fan of the series.