Just in time for the holidays, PARAMOUNT is making available the definitive "STAR TREK" movie lover's collection.  Comprised of all ten "Special editions" of "STAR TREK" films, this boxed set is now available for a reduced SRP$ of only $166.99!  Even less, on-line at various sites. 

Sure, some of the films in the series, fare better than others, with "WRATH OF KHAN" and "LONG VOYAGE HOME" sticking out as the best, but it's more than worthwhile to have "all" of the films in one boxed set, so for those wanting to laugh insipidly at the campfire "passing gas" sequence in the Shatner directed "Final Frontier", or those who actually enjoyed the fan-panned "INSURRECTION"(This reviewer loved it!), they're all here.

Even more worthwhile, there are loads of extras! Each film sports commentaries, and some come equipped with the superior "DTS" mix, for better bass and clarity!

While transfers vary in quality, none of the films look less than impressive, and "INSURRECTION" along with "GENERATIONS" both look really polished!!! All are presented in the correct 2.35:1 aspect ratio, with 16:9 enhancement.

The sound mixes offer a variety of surround and directional effects.