SRP $14.99 1.85:1(16:9) MONO PARAMOUNT

Coinciding with the release of the remake of the same name, PARAMOUNT
has released the original film, ďTHE STEPFORD WIVESĒ on dvd. Itís the
exact same transfer as the previous ANCHOR BAY release, at a reduced
price. This reviewer was pleasantly surprised by the entertainment
quality of the comedic remake. However, the original Bryan Forbesí
directed film is far superior, albeit far different as well.  William
Goldman crafted the script for this chilling adaptation of the Ira
Levin novel. Katherine Ross and Paula Prentiss star as two women wary
of the bizarre subservient behavior they find in all the women of a
community their husbands have moved them to called Stepford. 
The film moves at a fine pace, and the ending has lost none of its
original, shocking impact, even after almost 30 years since its
initial release.

PARAMOUNT has released the same transfer previously available from
ANCHOR BAY. The original 1.85:1 aspect ratio is intact with 16:9
enhancement.  Quality varies from scene to scene, however, in spite
of some rich moments, the colors are generally subdued. Contrast is
adequate, though lacking detail in darker scenes. Fleshtones appear
natural throughout.

The Mono mix included here is fine. Dialogue is always intelligible.
However, there is some distortion in spots. An interview segment has
been included, offering a fair share of entertaining tidbits about
the filmís troubled production. At an SRP of $14.95, itís still worth