SRP $34.98 2.35:1 Dolby Digital 5.1 FOX
SRP $39.98 2.35:1 DTS-HD Master Audio Lossless 5.1 FOX

David Ayer, the writer of "TRAINING DAY" helmed "STREET KINGS," the newest cop-fighting corruption drama, available on blu-ray and dvd from FOX. While his script for "TRAINING DAY" was decent, it was helped a lot by tighter than usual direction from Antoine Fuqua.  Unfortunately, the script for "STREET KINGS" isn't by Ayer, and it's so derivative of many, better corruption films, that by mid-way through, it's easy to see where everything's going, and the viewer can figure out who the real bad guys are within the department long before Keanu Reeves and the rest of the police department.  Forrest Whittaker really chews the scenery here, and it's also sad, because he was so much better as a law official in the tv series, "THE SHIELD."  There's much in the film, sure to leave viewers scratching their heads, wondering "What is happening here!?!"

Ayer's direction is troublesome as well. While his earlier effort, "HARSH TIMES," had its flaws, at least it had a unique, disturbing style. "STREET KINGS" doesn't offer any sense of "unique," instead, everything feels "adequate" throughout.

While there are sure to be fans of the film, and it's not horrible, it's just not in the league of superior films, like "LA CONFIDENTIAL," and many more.

FOX has provided the correct 2.35:1 aspect ratio for the dvd(16:9 enhanced) and the 1080p/AVC MPEG-4 blu-ray. As average as the film may be, the blu-ray transfer is excellent! The look of the film alternates between appearing gritty and slick, but it always looks rich and detailed, regardless of lighting and many scenes complicated by a "noir-ish" look. Still, the depth is amazing. Colors are typically rich, and blacks are inky, allowing for sensational depth, even when detail could've easily been lost to shadow. The screening dvd offers impressive color balance, but it lacks detail in most of the darker scenes, whereas the blu-ray soars! Fleshtones are impressive throughout on both formats.

FOX has provided a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 Lossless mix.  As with the image, the soundmix is also outstanding! From start-to-finish, this is an aggressive mix! Ambient effects as well as the racing vehicles, breaking glass, rapid fire, and deep bass for shotgun blasts, engulf the audience with great impact. Dialogue is never overshadowed by layers of effects, although the music track feels a little too bombastic at times, diminishing rather than complimenting scenes as they unfold. The Dolby Digital 5.1 mix of the dvd is also aggressive, but lacks the overall fidelity and deep bass found on the Lossless mix.

FOX has included a Digital copy of the film for computers with both formats, as well as commentary, deleted scenes and several featurettes. Unfortunately, all of these are in standard resolution on the blu-ray as well as dvd.