Superhero Movie (Blu-ray)

THE WEINSTEIN COMPANY has released the latest in a long line of comedy spoofs that have been endlessly coming out, "SUPERHERO MOVIE."  These films seem to be made with the idea that if a thousand gags are thrown against a wall, onto the script and finally the film, at least a "few" will be worthwhile and justify an audience. Well, most of these types of films are atrocious, "SPY HARD and "MEET THE SPARTANS" being just two examples. While "SUPERHERO MOVIE" is by no means a great film, it's "CITIZEN KANE" compared to the previous films mentioned as well as many other spoofs.  Borrowing from and inspired mostly by the "SPIDERMAN" films, this one has the nerdy hero being bit by a dragonfly instead of a spider. His attempts to master his new powers are actually pretty funny, and the hot girl next door that is the object of his affections, at least seems more plausible than any Tobey Maguire taking on all sorts of risks for the love of,....Kirsten Dunst??!?? 

All of the gags are hit-or-miss with emphasis on "miss," however, when the jokes work, they can be side-splittingly funny. This release offers both the theatrical and "extended version" of the film. While the "extended version" of the film is a slightly "tighter" film, some will prefer the theatrical version for the extra gags and outtakes offered within that film's closing credits, not included in the "extended version."

WEINSTEIN COMPANY has provided the correct 1.78:1 aspect ratio for this 1080p/VC-1 blu-ray.  Colors are surprisingly vibrant, pushed to the max, without over-saturation. Still, the film's modest budget precludes the depth from conveying much to impress with the limitations of the film's production design. Contrast is impressive and blacks are deep enough so that even the darker scenes offer fine detail. It's hard to imagine the film could look better than it does here, but it's still far short of a reference quality release, through no fault of the transfer.

A Dolby TrueHD 5.1 mix is offered.  It's never aggressive, with most separation limited to the front speakers. However, ambient and some discrete surround effects pop up to enhance various scenes. There's a surprising amount of bass throughout, and it goes a long way in complimenting the listening environment throughout. The lossy mix is notably more dynamic than the Dolby Digital 5.1 mix, also provided as an option.

An audio commentary with the director/writer and producers, offers plenty of laughs and some really entertaining background information about the film's production. It's seriously worth a listen.

The deleted scenes add nothing, not even a real single laugh, and were rightly cut out. The alternate ending is awful and far worse than the mediocre one included. A featurette about the cast and the "art of spoofing" are offered in HD. BD-LIVE supplements are also available.