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It's a sad state of affairs when the only things memorable about a film have to do with sex, and worse still, when much of that aspect is mediocre as well. "SWORDFISH" received any fanfare it did due to Halle Berry's boasting about being paid various extra fees to expose her breasts.  Another scene got fanfare due to its character receiving oral sex with a gun to his head, under a time limit to break into a computer firewall or die. When this garners all the attention, it's due to the script actually stinking!  The intended surprises aren't witty, they just cause viewers to scratch their heads due to the level of stupidity of most the film.  Director Dominic Sena has some visual flair, but as with his crappy "GONE IN 60 SECONDS" remake, he again proves he can't tell a story more than his 30 second commercials managed to do. 

The "plot" of "SWORDFISH" is too stupid to try to explain. The opening sequence actually hints at some creative possibilities with a truly violent surprise during a hostage scenario, but none of what follows, or is told in "flashback" that is, makes much sense. It's just annoying!

WARNER BROS. has preserved the film's correct 2.40:1 aspect ratio. The overly-stylized design of the film is well presented in this BLU-RAY transfer. Detail is excellent in every single instance. It's a glossy looking image from start-to-finish! Colors are vibrant and the deep blacks and grays show off the depth of this transfer throughout.  There are plenty of busy-looking compositions and action, so the lack of any artifacts, helps to make this an even more impressive HIGH DEFINITION BLU-RAY presentation.

WARNER BROS. has provided a DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1 mix.  It's one of the more aggressive soundmixes found on any BLU-RAY release. The surrounds and bass effects are virtually non-stop.  In fact, it's even a bit problematic during a few scenes wherein dialogue is overshadowed by gunshots or music.  For some reason, WB has been choosing to forgo the extra level of soundmix options it provides on HD-DVD.

WB has chosen to carry over the extras from the standard dvd.