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"SWORDFISH" is one of those caper films that starts off in a promising, shocking way, and then descends into a mediocre, confusing, thriller, punctuated with scenes of extreme violence and language, but without adding anything essential in moving the story forward. Most of the film is told in flashback, and for this strategy to work, the end needs to pack a whopper and be consistent.  Unfortunately, many will be left scratching their head at the conclusion, and after repeated viewings, it still doesn't make any more sense.

Director Dominic Sena comes from the school of filmmaking placing atmosphere over content. There's plenty of style throughout this film. In fact, it's a great looking picture. So, does "HD-DVD" offer a major advantage over the standard dvd release?   Absolutely!

Due to the highly stylized look and Sena's use of hues, the dvd image offered a somewhat blurred image in specific scenes. None of that exists in "HD-DVD".  Colors are strikingly deep in "HD-DVD", offering rich, vibrant images without any distortion.  The detail in each and every scene is spectacular.  Of course, fans of Halle Berry, will appreciate her famous, albeit brief, nude scene even more now on "HD-DVD".

WARNER BROS. has provided a DOLBY DIGITAL PLUS mix.  It's on par with the standard dvd mix, offering a wide range of fidelity and aggressive mix.  Surrounds are utilized on a consistent basis, offering numerous opportunities to showcase one's subwoofer, as bass is used frequently for explosions and in boosting the thumping soundtrack.

WARNER BROS. has carried over all of the extras from the standard dvd release, as well as some new features.