SRP $38.99 1.33:1 MONO PARAMOUNT

With the major studios realizing the potential treasure chest of revenues to be generated from older tv shows, it’s inevitable that there’s going to be a lot of crap out there.  Luckily, as evidenced by shows like “TAXI”,  PARAMOUNT is responsible for some of the best tv shows of recent yesteryear. PARAMOUNT has released the entire second season, and even for those who’ve missed out on the first, it’s worth grabbing! 

The 2nd season ranks up there with the best season of any comedy sitcom.  Long before Christopher Lloyd gained fame from the “Back to the Future” series, he proved his comic abilities here as Reverend Jim.  He’s one of the best and funniest characters developed for any sitcom.  Perhaps even more impressive is the fact that “TAXI” is one of the few sitcoms with a large cast of characters, wherein time is given to develop each one, making audiences more invested in their lives and each episode.  There’s a realistic sense of empathy and some sadness as we experience the individual plights and dreams of  these characters whose lives cross with one another at and out of the taxi company where they work.

PARAMOUNT has presented the original 1.33:1 aspect ratio.  Colors are solid. While there are flaws, particularly regarding grain in some scenes, the general image is fine once past the opening credits. Fleshtones appear natural.

PARAMOUNT has presented a Dolby Digital 2.0 mix. It is mono, but fidelity is decent as is noticeable in the opening theme. Dialogue is always intelligible and free from distortion.

Some trailers for other PARAMOUNT tv shows are included.