SRP $29.99 1.66:1(16:9) DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1/ DTS 5.1 DISNEY
BUENA VISTA has released one of the most innovative animated films in
a long time, “TEACHER’S PET”.  Nathan Lane voices the main character,
“Spot”, a dog wanting to become a boy so much that he disquises
himself as one with the help of glasses and a hat!  He assumes his
alter ego, “SCOTT”, a fellow student of his owner, Leonard.  When
Leonard’s mom is nominated as a top teacher, the family heads off to
the finals taking place in Florida, leaving “Spot” and the rest of
the animals behind.  “Spot” then catches a tv talk show wherein a
doctor from Florida claims to be able to change animals into humans!
Of course Spot then hurries to meet up with the family in order to
find the doctor and have a full transformation.  However, things get
more complicated when the other animals catch another episode in
which the doctor’s insanity is revealed. He doesn’t change animals
into humans! He changes them into monsters! Hilarious antics ensue as
Spot’s friends attempt to save him from his unwitting fate.  
The animation is wonderful, utilizing innovative and timeless
cinematic techniques to move the story along at a terrific, even
dizzying pace.	
BUENA VISTA has preserved the film’s original 1.66:1 aspect ratio,
with 16:9 enhancement. Colors are perfectly rendered. This is a
vibrant transfer and nearly flawless! It’s really one of the most
colorful transfers of any release we’ve seen in a while.
BUENA VISTA has provided both a DTS and DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1 mix.	Both
offer plenty of creative, engulfing moments. There is an abundant use
of directional and surround effects, making a creative film even more
astonishing. Both mixes are comparable for the most part, however,
the “DTS” option offers better bass and deliniation. 
BUENA VISTA has also included plenty of extras, including
sing-alongs, a music video and delted scenes. A pilot for the
“TEACHER’S PET” tv show is also included!