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SRP $28.95 2.35:1 PCM 5.1 SONY

Bruce Willis is perfect in his role as a Navy S.E.A.L commander sent on a mission with his men to rescue the beautiful Monica Bellucci, playing an
American doctor assisting in a mission in a part of war-torn Africa.  Once Willis arrives, he finds that Bellucci can't desert the many in need of her, despite the nearing, vicious, militia forces bent on killing all of the refugees in her make-shift hospital.  Of course, it's not hard to predict that Willis and most of the men begin to care and in spite of orders to leave these refugees behind, they decide to save them and engage the enemy, if necessary.

While some have criticized the film for being predictable, this reviewer loved the fact that Willis and his men do exactly what we "wish" they would do to the savage animals preying on these refugees. It may make the viewer feel a bit guilty, but it's hard not to relish in Willis and his snipers obliterating some of the most vicious scum on earth.  Director Antoine Fuqua has never been better than he is here and although the film veers on dragging in a few instances, it's a beautifully shot and engaging film from start to finish. 

SONY has provided an absolutely stunning BLU-RAY transfer!!! WOW!!! There are plenty of night-time sequences, taking place in a jungle, and the level of detail never waivers from being dazzling! The blacks and grays are perfectly distinguished and the often complex color schemes are rich and life-like in every instance. This is one of the best looking HIGH-DEFINITION transfers available so far from both formats!

SONY has provided another PCM 5.1 mix for this BLU-RAY release. While "TEARS OF THE SUN" doesn't offer the non-stop aggressive sound-mix one might have expected from what appears to be an action film, Director Fuqua succeeds in making a great drama,  offering bits of great action within it.  This isn't to say there aren't engaging surrounds either.  Throughout most of the film, there are plenty of effects from all speakers, but they're subtle. It's during the few, terrific action sequences that the surrounds and bass kick into high gear and it's great fun to boot! The music is also engrossing and well complimented throughout all speakers.

For some reason, SONY opted not to offer the "Director's cut" recently offered on dvd. Instead, those deleted scenes are included as extras.