SRP $14.94 1.33:1 MONO SONY

SONY has some great Westerns in its vaults, and while "TEN WANTED MEN" isn't one of the better ones, it's still fun. Randolph Scott stars as a rancher
fending off a lawless landowner and his thugs, "TEN WANTED MEN", when they decide to take over the town.  "TEN WANTED MEN" tries to maintain the
elements of the simple western film values, honor and obeying the law,
defending a woman's honor,etc. but Scott doesn't have the same charisma as
Wayne did, and some of Scott's films, eg. "THIS ONE!" aren't nearly as good
in production quality as the Dukes were.

SONY has preserved the film's full-frame image. Colors are very impressive,
even rich at times! There is fine detail throughout and the costumes look
great here.

SONY has presented the film's mono mix, which is fine, although it presents
minor distortion in a few instances.