Texhnolyze - Vol. 1: Inhumane & Beautiful Cover Art
SRP $39.98 GENEON    

The creators of the hit japanime series, “LAIN” have also created
“TEXHNOLYZE,” with the first volume available now on dvd from GENEON.
The setting for this series is Earth, well, actually beneath Earth.
There’s a city called Lukuss, completely dominated by tough gangs.
The first volume introduces the viewer to four main characters as
they move about Lukuss, interacting wth “TEXHNOLYZED” inhabitants.

The disc features four episodes, each with the proper 1.78:1 aspect
ratio and 16:9 enhancement.  Combining computer animation and old
fashioned animation by hand, “TEXHNOLYZE” has an original look! Being
somewhat dark in tone, colors are intentionally subdued for the most
part, but there are moments when they come to life in rich, vibrant
form! There’s also incredible detail. 
GENEON has included two audio mixes for this release. The original
Japanese Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo mix is offered. While most,
including the reviewer clamor for 5.1 on everything, there are some
2.0 mixes that offer better surround than some 5.1, and this is such
an exception!  There are numerous directional effects and even with a
complex, layered mix, all dialogue, music and effects are delineated
perfectly. There is also effective bass, adding to the action
elements of the episodes.

An English Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo mix is also included.  While it
doesn’t equal the surround environment of the Japanese version, it’s
still effective. The dialogue is always intellgible and free from
distortion. The dubbing is above average. However, there’s not as an
effective bass or layered environment.

A couple of extras are offered, including an interview with the
series creator and designer. There are also some worthwhile previews
of other GENEON releases.