That's My Bush! - The Definitve Collection DVD Cover Art

Fans of “SOUTH PARK” have to get the great, short-lived Comedy Channel series, “THAT’S MY BUSH: THE DEFINITIVE COLLECTION”.  Trey Parker and Matt Stone created this series just after the infamous 2000 election, and it’s hard to believe that a show so witty, daring and laugh-out-loud funny, was cancelled due to mediocre ratings. One can’t watch this series, presented with its first and only season’s 8 episodes, without thinking the BUSH administration’s complete lack of intelligence and humor brought about the show’s demise. Is it possible?

Timothy Bottoms is absolutely brilliant as George W. Bush. Not only does he give a great impersonation, he actually carefully maneuvers between being dimwitted, funny, child-like and amiable. The real president could learn some lessons from Bottoms.  The supporting cast is great, including Kurt Fuller as Karl Rove.  One can’t praise Parker and Stone enough for their outside the box creativity here! One inspired gag offers a neighbor who happens to just “walk right in” uninvited to the White house, at any given moment, paying a freakish sort of homage to the types of cliché’ neighbors found in classic tv comedies of yesteryear, ala “I DREAM OF JEANNIE”, or “BEWITCHED.” All 8 episodes are great, but the one that stands out above the rest as the most ingenious, is “A POORLY EXECUTED PLAN”. The plot features a surprise visit by Bush’s old Fraternity brothers, at first scaring him, disguised as arab terrorists busting into the Oval Office(On 2nd thought, maybe the show was cancelled due to the lack of humor following 9-11)  Trying to prove to his fellow frat brothers that he hasn’t gone soft, he decides to participate in an Execution, although with the help of Karl Rove and an Improv group, they plot to do a ‘dummy execution” for George so that he won’t have to witness such an uncomfortable event in reality. Of course, everything goes wrong with hilarious results.

PARAMOUNT has preserved the show’s 1.33:1 full-frame format. The image looks terrific, with well saturated colors. While never extremely rich, the color design of the show adds a lot of flair and helps create an atmosphere livelier than most tv sitcoms today!  Detail varies, sometimes appearing dull and other times, offering great depth.

PARAMOUNT has provided a Digital stereo mix. There’s not much in the terms of separation, but fidelity is impressive and dialogue is always intelligible, extremely important since there are no captions available.