SRP $39.98 1.33:1 2.0 STEREO SHOUT FACTORY

SHOUT FACTORY has released the entire first season of "THAT GIRL" on dvd.  Marlo Thomas stars as Ann Marie, the aspiring actress who has moved to the big apple to persue her dreams of finding work.  While the show is dated in many ways, her best friend, Donald, is presented as really just a "friend", although he's actually her love interest.  Her parents, while conservative, stand behind her, even though New York, acting, and everything else around their daughter and the show, veers towards a more liberal point of view.  What's most dated about the show, however, are the challenges Ann Marie must deal with.  None of them are really the bitter, cold, depressing situations facing most aspiring actors today, or even then. 

The pilot episode is really intriguing as it features characters that won't be again, and a different tone from the series as a whole.  The 2nd episode offers Dabney Coleman's introduction to the series as one of her neighbors. Even back then, it's easy to see this guy had star quality.

While there are problems with the series, there's also an intangible quality to it, making it semi-addictive.  It's entertaining in spite of its simplicity and the semi-relationship between Donald and Ann Marie is always captivating. So is, by no fault, Ann Marie's continuous openness to dating other potential suitors.

SHOUT FACTORY has presented all 30 episodes from SEASON ONE over 5 discs. The full frame image is adequate, but nothing more. There are frequent problems with grain, better addressed in various releases from ANCHOR BAY previously. Colors are decent, but the overall image varies from too soft to too grainy.

A 2.0 Stereo mix is offered, but, there is minor distortion, and background hiss on various episodes.

There is a length, entertaining featurette, "THAT WOMAN..THE CREATION OF THAT GIRL", and four commentaries.