SRP $29.98 2.35:1(16:9) DTS 5.1 MONO MGM
The “THUNDERBIRDS” series utilized puppets to tell adventure/sci-fi
stories, always erring on the side of moral responsibility, and
always endearing  to young boys at an age wherein the desire to be an
astronaut is typically a “given”!  The entire series has been
available from A&E, but MGM has released two of the theatrical films
in one boxed set.
“THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO” revolves around the Thunderbirds International
Rescue Team coming to protect the “ZERO-X” and its crew during their
2nd attempted journey to Mars.
“THUNDERBIRD 6” focuses on terrorists bent on destroying the
Thunderbirds.  After they hijack “a spaceship on its maiden voyage,
they hope to secretly tape Lady Penelope with aim of using her voice
as part of an elaborate(?) trap to capture the rest of the
The effects are often amazing, especially when considering thses
films are almost 40 years old!	Even more impressive is the fact that
it’s easy to overcome we’re watching puppets! The story, editing and
atmosphere successfully overshadow this!  
MGM has provided the correct 2.35:1 aspect ratios, with 16:9
enhancement, for both films.  While some grain is present, the colors
are solid, and the detail is impressive! These are slick transfers!
MGM has included a DTS 5.1 mix as well as mono mix for each film. 
While the 5.1 mix is never aggressive, there are plenty of
entertaining surround moments for both films and the bass aids
greatly in a few choice moments. Dialogue is always intelligible,
however “THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO” suffers from minor hiss in a few
Several featurettes, and a commentary for both films, are offered. 
Kids will also enjoy the magnets and punch out models that have been