SRP $35.99 2.40:1 DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 WARNER BROS

A terrific romantic/drama, "THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE," is now available on blu-ray and dvd. Unfortunately, the film was completely overlooked during its brief theatrical run.  Eric Bana stars as Henry DeTamble, whom, as the film opens, has an uncontrollable ability to travel through time, ultimately saving him from dying in the car crash that kills his mother. The ability comes across much more as an affliction, as the film progresses, all the way to its powerful, semi-predictable, but never-the-less, satisfying conclusion.  Even with the sci-fi angle, "THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE" feels much more true to its internal rules and storyline than the wretched, over-rated "THE NOTEBOOK." 

One major thing helping the film is the clever script adaptation of the Audrey Niffenegger novel by the incredibly talented scriptwriter, Bruce(Jacob's Ladder, Ghost)Rubin. While there are some aspects of the novel, that fans will be upset have been cut for the film, Rubin made the correct choices and what he's added, maintains and builds an emotional power, easy to overlook in the actual source material.  Eric Bana is terrific as Henry and the relationship he has with his love interest, Clare, is poignant, and never feels false. Again, much more powerful than "THE NOTEBOOK!"

While some scenes, such as Henry using his ability to obtain the winning lottery numbers, allowing the couple millions to buy the dream home they share together, feel too contrived and unnecessary, the overall power of the film, ranks "THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE" as one of the best love stories on film, ever! While comparing it to that other over-rated, Rachel McAdams film, it also deserves to be ranked higher than many films that have long been considered classic love stories on film. Another example coming to mind is that ridiculous, crappy, "PRETTY WOMAN."  Anyone having problems with accepting Henry's continual jumping through time, at the most inconvenient times, and showing up elsewhere nude, should have less trouble with "that," than accepting the possibility of a fellow streetwalker(Laura SanGiacomo) cheering for another escort(Julia Roberts) and wishing her the best, and being ecstatic at the idea of another streetwalker moving on to a life with the handsome, rich John, she originally passed off, should be of a much bigger concern!

While it may seem unfair to compare this film to these others, much of the criticism lobbied at "TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE" has been so unfair, it deserves to be critiqued within a level environment. The film stays true to its own rules, and also becomes more rewarding with repeated viewings. The other "classics" mentioned fall apart with more viewings!  It's hard to discuss much of the film's plot without giving away major turns. But, "THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE" offers a terrific love story, gripping drama, and provocative themes, all within a relatively short running time(107 minutes!).  At the very least, rent this on blu-ray! More than likely, viewers will want to add it to their collection.

NEW LINE/WARNER BROS has provided the correct 2.40:1 aspect ratio for this VC-1 1080p blu-ray.  The colors for this blu-ray are spectacular! The production design and cinematography are brilliant and often resemble the great art. The detail is consistently flawless, and this stays impressive even in the darkest scenes, due to inky blacks. While there is some edge enhancement popping up, it doesn't overshadow the beauty of this transfer. Virtually every frame offers the jump-off-the-screen depth one hopes for with blu-ray! OUTSTANDING! The 16:9 enhanced dvd looks pretty darned good! Colors are lush, however, it pales in comparative quality to the vibrancy offered on blu-ray.  Darker scenes lack the detail visible on blu-ray due to a lack of deep blacks.

NEW LINE/WARNER BROS provides a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix. While not an aggressive mix, it still succeeds in being one of the best mixes, thus far, for 2010. While many of the discrete and panning effects are subtle, they're extremely effective, enhancing the power to select scenes, without ever feeling forced.  A romantic film deserves a lush score, and that's what's provided here. The dynamic range for this mix, perfectly compliments the score and every aspect of this release.  While not aggressive, it's still close to reference quality. The Dolby Digital 5.1 mix is pleasant, but the fidelity isn't on par with the lossy mix of blu-ray, so the results are notably less impressive.

The same featurettes featured on the dvd are carried over for the blu-ray, but with HD! One featurette offers interviews with the stars, providing their take on the characters and love story. The 2nd featurette focuses on the process of adapting the novel to screen.