SRP $39.95 1.66:1(16:9) DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1 CRITERION
Few foreign films have had the history of being banned in Oklahoma,
but that’s what happened, to Volker Schlondorff’s masterful
adaptation of the reknowned German novel, “THE TIN DRUM.”  
Schlondorff has created a film that alternates between being bizarre
and profound in both its beauty and horrific imagery.  The story
focuses on Oskar, who at age 3 decides to stop growing rather than to
become part of the adult world whose actions seem so insane to him.
As Oskar ages, it’s only chronologically, allowing him to appear
non-threatening, something we learn soon enough, is far from true!
Oskar’s disarming appearance allows him to be a fly on the wall,
allowing the viewers to witness many events. Oskar’s interpretation
of these events is brilliantly juxtaposed via his narration. 
As with most whacko right-wingers, they seem more upset at the sexual
implications of a few scenes rather than the real horrors it depicts.
This isn’t to dissimilar from the asinine senator who cried about
there being nudity on network television’s presentation of
“SCHINDLER’S LIST,” although it was during a scene wherein prisoners
were being readied for the gas showers. This strongly suggests that
nut found the scene titillating rather than what it actually was to
someone normal!
Sure, there are some moments that are disturbing, especially ones
involving Oskar and his stepmother, but they’re meant to alarm the
viewer for a reason! 
The film is well deserving of the critical acclaim bestowed upon it.
Everything about this film is strikingly original. The cast is
terrific.  Katharina Thalbach as the tempting stepmother is perfect
and of course the David Bennent in the main role is unforgettable!
CRITERION continues their well deserved reputation for magnificent
presentations here!  The original 1.66:1 aspect ratio, with 16:9
enhancement is offered.  While colors vary in intensity, they’re
always dead on! Contrast is flawless, with excellent detail and black
levels. Fleshtones appear natural throughout!
CRITERION has also gone all out with the audio mix options for this
release!  There are three mixes! A new, remastered 5.1 mix created
from a 6-track magnetic element from the film’s theatrical 70 mm
presentation. It’s not as aggressive as many recent extravaganzas,
but it’s effective and doesn’t sound cheezy as many new remastered
efforts can. Dialogue is always intelligible and free from
The film’s original mono track is also offered, and it sounds
Additionally, there’s also an isolated music track.
Schlondorff offers a terrific audio commentary for this release and a
documentary, “VOLKER SCHLONDORFF REMEMBERS” is also included.  The
documentary examines the more controversial aspects of the film and
tries to justify how the sex scenes were handled.  
The documentary exploring the lawsuit in Oklahoma is a must see event!
Novelist Gunter Grass also provides a recording from 1987 wherein he
reads a section from his book.
A brief deleted scenes segment, without sound, but with commentary
option, is also available.