SRP $29.99 1.85:1(16:9) DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1 EX/DTS BUENA VISTA

DISNEY has done it again! They've released a must-have for the dvd
collection! The 10th Year anniversary edition of "TOY STORY".  PIXAR, headed
up by John Lasseter, is responsible for creating a new type of computer
animation.  Unlike many animated films, and even other computer animated
films, "TOY STORY" proved that a family film in this format can not just
work, but also end up being a great movie!  The brilliant story is filled
with wonderful, unforgettable characters and vivid, captivating imagery from
beginning to end.  "TOY STORY" touches a nerve in the child in us all, much
in the same way and with the same awe as "ET".  It's that good!
Now, many may wonder if this new edition is better than previously available
versions.  As the box cover art proclaims, this release offers the "Highest
Digital Bit Rate Ever used for a Disney/Pixar film.  Because this digital
film has only been released in digital transfers, it's hard to judge one
version as better than another. What can be said of this release is
this...It's flawless! This is a demonstration quality release! Colors are
unsurpassed in their richness. Contrast and overall image quality are

BUENA VISTA has included a DTS track along with the Dolby Digital 5.1 EX
mix.  The surround mix is aggressive from beginning to end.  It's a clean,
rich, multi-layered sound scheme, with plenty of engaging and creative
effects traveling through all speakers. Fidelity is wonderful, and there are
many bass effects to enhance many intense moments.  While the Dolby Digital
5.1 EX mix is great, the DTS mix is even more impressive, offering better
clarity and bass.

BUENA VISTA has released this as a 2 disc set.  The sneek peeks section
offers various trailers for "CARS", "CHICKEN LITTLE" and many more.
An audio commentary with the film's director is also included, but it's not
overly involving, focusing on dry information for the most part.

The 2nd disc offers a fine documentary, "MAKING TOY STORY", and numerous
featurettes as well as interviews.