SRP $39.95 2.35:1 DTS-HD Lossless 5.1 FOX

While the original film "THE TRANSPORTER" is far better, the sequel "TRANSPORTER 2" still offers enough action and visual dynamics to make it worthwhile.  Both films stretched the boundaries of believability, making Bruce Willis's fighting on the wings of a moving jet in "DIE HARD 2" seem more plausible than ever before, but  at least "THE TRANSPORTER" attempted to create a decent premise. "TRANSPORTER 2" offers nothing in terms of originality.  The script throws in drug dealers, kidnapping a young child and even biological warfare, resembling one of Steven Seagal's straight-to-video releases.  However, with that said, Jason Statham is always fantastic to watch and the film's non-stop action sequences help the film glide along effortlessly, making its nearly 90 minute running time breeze by.

FOX has provided a 1080p/MPEG-2 transfer with 2.35:1 aspect ratio intact.  Comparing this "BLU-RAY" presentation to the original film, also available on BLU-RAY, "TRANSPORTER 2" is noticeably more polished!  Everything about its presentation has been amplified, allowing a color intensity much more vibrant than in the predecessor.  While this results in an artificial look during many scenes, causing some moments of unrealistic fleshtones, it's still engaging.  Contrast is boosted as well, causing some of the darker moments to lose detail in comparison to the original film.

FOX has provided a DTS HD-Lossless 5.1 mix. It's an aggressive mix. The opening sequence wherein Statham takes on some would be carjackers demonstrates how effective the mix is. Every nuance during the fight sequence is amplified with incredible effectiveness. The slick editing is well complimented by slick sound-editing and it's a sensational mix, with plenty of surround involvement. Bass effects are sure to test the limits of even the best sub-woofer.

Well recommended!!!