SRP $19.99 1.33:1 MONO/2.0 Surround BUENA VISTA

While the recently released, "VINTAGE MICKEY" is certain to please animation aficionados akin to Leonard Maltin, it will probably appear to dull and primitive to younger audiences of today. 

BUENA VISTA'S "VINTAGE MICKEY" is a compilation of nine DISNEY animation classics, including the first cartoon to feature Mickey Mouse, "STEAMBOAT WILLIE".

Our personal favorite, "MICKEY'S ORPHANS", includes Minnie and Pluto(in his first appearance) as what starts off as a cozy Christmas Eve for the couple, becomes quite busy when a basketfull of kittens, appears at the front door.

Other episodes include: "Plane Crazy", "The Karnival Kid", "The Birthday Party",  "The Castaway", "Mickey's Revue", "Building a Building" and "Mickey's Steam Roller."

While these 9 cartoons are all featured in other "WALT DISNEY TREASURES" releases, this release gives fans the chance to own them for a lower price, but without the other cartoons.

BUENA VISTA presents the cartoons in their correct aspect ratio.  The cartoons display scratches and other signs of age, as is expected from cartoons nearly 80 years old. They're in better shape here than we've ever seen them presented elsewhere.

BUENA VISTA has presented a Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround mix, offering music in a 3-dimensional design.  Fidelity is impressive.

Several trailers for other Disney releases, including a wonderful one for the upcoming "CHICKEN LITTLE", are included.