SRP $25.98 2.35:1(16:9) DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1 MGM

Some may recall the original “WALKING TALL” starring Joe Don Baker. It was essentially a “B” movie that at least felt pretty original when it came out in the ‘70s.  Based “loosely” on the life of Sheriff Buford Pusser, it told the story of a real badass, who took many a beating, shooting, stabbing, and more, ala “Rasputin” but never gave in to organized crime or even backwoods “disorganized” crime. 

The new “WALKING TALL” stars “The Rock” as Buford Pusser.  But, other than the title and name, the films have nothing else in common.  “The Rock” plays a man returning to his hometown after serving eight years in Special Forces.  After being shocked by the changes that have taken place, he decides to fight back, leaving many, many broken chairs, glass, and tables in his wake. 

Johnny Knoxville is actually pretty good in his role as a side-kick, providing comic relief.  The film actually runs less than 80 minutes, so even with its many predictable elements, it moves fast and entertains.

MGM has preserved the film’s original 2.35:1 aspect ratio, with 16:9 enhancement.  It’s an impressive transfer, with rich, vibrant colors.  The contrast is excellent, offering fine detail in darker scenes. Fleshtones appear natural throughout.

MGM has provided a Dolby Digital 5.1 mix. It’s “DEMONSTRATION QUALITY!”  In every one of the film’s scenes, discrete, surround effects effectively enhance the film’s rapid editing and action.  Music is well-complimented as well. Dialogue is always intelligible and free from distortion.

MGM has provided a variety of extras here.  Two commentaries are offered, one with “The Rock” and one with the film’s director and co-editor.  Both commentaries are harmless, but offer little that’s entertaining. “The Rock” provides a lot of praise on everyone for most of his commentary.  The other commentary focuses on the film’s editing, stunts and technical aspects. 

“FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT” is a featurette exploring the film’s various fight scenes.  A section offering “Deleted scenes” and an alternate ending is included.  The scenes offered nothing worth keeping in the film.  A blooper reel provides some humorous moments. Several trailers are included.