COLUMBIA TRISTAR has been releasing some great comedy series(JUST
SHOOT ME, LARRY SANDERS SHOW, SOAP) and then some mediocre ones. The
recent release of “WHO’S THE BOSS” defines the latter category.  The
best thing about the series is that it kept its star, Tony Danza, too
busy to annoyingly tap dance as much as he’d like to at every absured
opportunity, as demonstrated in recent years.  The story revolves
around Tony playing a single father who has moved to New York with
his beatiful daughter, for a job as a housekeeper for busy executive
Judith Light. Adding to the intended comedic pool of situtations to
pull from are Light’s own bratty kid and her overly sexual
mother(Katherine Helmond)  Alyssa Milano, as Tony’s daughter, is the
best thing the show has going for it. Even at this young age, she
exudes charisma and a genuine likability that suggests the stardom
she achieves later. 

COLUMBIA TRISTAR has presented the original 1.33:1 ratio for this
release.  Surprisingly, the image isn’t in as good as shape as most
COLUMBIA TRISTAR releases. There is a consistent softness to it and
even some minor shimmering.

COLUMBIA TRISTAR has included the original monaural mix.  While it’s
ok, there are moments of distortion. Not up to the level of many
older tv series being released on dvd from COLUMBIA TRISTAR.
COLUMBIA TRISTAR has included several segments comprised of clips
built around various gags and characters.