One of the worst biblical satires of all time, “WHOLEY MOSES”, has
been released by COLUMBIA TRISTAR.  Richard Pryor, John Ritter,
Dudley Moore, and others comedians immune from embarassment star.
The ridiculous opening sequence introduces Dudley Moore and Laraine
Newman as tourists stumbling upon ancient texts, revealing the story
of Herschel and Zerelda(played by Moore and Newman), Herschel is put
in a basket that’s propelled down the Nile, as a baby. Just because
it “attempts” to parody the story of Moses, doesn’t mean it’s funny.
It’s not!  In fact, every sequence in this film plays like an
individual “bad” sketch rejected from SNL!  None of them connect, and
none are funny!
COLUMBIA TRISTAR elected to skimp on this one, providing a badly
cropped image in 1.33:1 rather than in the original 2.35:1 aspect
ratio it was filmed in.  Colors are generally solid, but there’s some
excessive grain. Fleshtones appear natural.
COLUMBIA TRISTAR has provided a mono mix.  Fidelity is wanting
throughout, as is demonstrated during any scene with music. Dialogue
is always intelligible.
Several trailers are included.