Wild Bunch BRAY Cover Art

WARNER BROS has released one of the great westerns on hd-dvd and blu-ray format.  Made by Sam Peckinpah almost 40 years ago, it was ahead of its time, and still remains great with time. Its main plot revolves around a bunch of bad guys planning their last "big" robbery.  Peckinpah has made great films and crappy ones, and "THE WILD BUNCH" is a great one! Extremely violent, even by today's standards, it undoubtedly influenced Tarantino's work, as well as many great modern directors. The slow-motion sequences can be a little overdone in spots, but it's still better crafted than anything John Woo does today, with the same types of scenes.

WARNER BROS has provided the correct 2.35:1 aspect ratio with the same 1080p/VC-1 transfer on both hd-dvd and blu-ray formats.  For a film that's so gritty, the level of detail is amazing. Colors are rich throughout and even with some minor edge enhancement and artifacts, this transfer ranks up there with the best from WARNER BROS, thus far!

WARNER BROS. has provided the same Dolby Digital 5.1 mix(640 kbps)for both hd-dvd and blu-ray. While dialogue sounds sharp, this isn't one of the better mixes available. Music and dialogue don't blend too well, with music having a notably improved dynamic range over the effects. Effects aren't well placed either.

All of the extras found on the special edition dvd are provided here. A commentary, well worth-while for any Peckinpah fan is often fascinating. The documentary about the director, is even better!