SRP$79.95  1.33:1 MONO PARAMOUNT
One of, if not the best mini-series ever aired on tv, “THE WINDS OF WAR” has
been released as a dvd boxed set from PARAMOUNT.
Few novels have mixed fictional drama with history as well as Wouk’s novel has
and still fewer tv adaptations have!  While there has been criticism of Robert
Mitchum cast in the role of “Pug” Henry, thinking him too old to play the main
character. Still, Mitchum makes the part his own, and it ranks up there with his
best performance, arguably in “RYAN’S DAUGHTER.”
The series follows the Henry family as they encounter love, death and the
horrors of the coming War(WW2).
The series begins with Pug’s family living in Berlin. When one of his sons,
Byron falls in love with a Jewish girl, we know there’s going to be some heavy
drama as it happens shortly before Hitler invades Poland.  This series brings
audiences back to a time when jokes of today were once stars! Believe it or not,
Jan-Michael Vincent is terrific! Ali MacGraw isn’t even horrible! Everyone’s at
their best here!
As the series continues, Pug meets with Mussolini, Hitler and other great
figures. There’s also something else unusual about this series, in that even the
actors playing world figures are perfect and convincing in their role! 
As the series continues, some viewers may find it stretching believability to
have Pug taking on one dangerous situation after another.  Soon enough, he’s
asked to join the British on a bombing raid! Still, the series has some unique
and unpredictable things going on as well. Almost the entire series takes place
“before” Pearl Harbor, making its impact that much more powerful!
PARAMOUNT has presented the series in its original 1.33:1 format.  Over 21 years
old, there is a lot of grain present.  Also, the image isn’t up to the standards
of most higher quality PARAMOUNT transfers. Not bad, but not extremely sharp
PARAMOUNT has provided a 2.0 Dolby mix.  There’s no separation, however the all
important dialogue is always intelligible and free from distortion. The
wonderful musical score is well complimented as well!

Included within this six dvd set, are plenty of extras!  Four featurettes offer
interviews, a look at casting, behind-the-scenes footage and more! A great
series and a boxed set, that, even without a high quality transfer, is worthy of
being included in any serious dvd collection!