SRP $45.99 2.35:1 DTS-HD MA 5.1 SONY

Originally released overseas in 2008, the masterpiece, "WINTER IN WARTIME," is finally available on blu-ray from SONY, following a brief theatrical release in the States.

Set in Nazi-occupied Holland of 1945, "WINTER IN WARTIME" focuses on and through the experiences of a young boy, Michiel. Even at his young age, Michiel, knows enough about decency to be angered at sensing his father, the town mayor, is too friendly with the Nazi occupiers. Soon after the film's opening, Michiel witnesses the downing of a British fighter. Upon finding the wounded pilot, Michiel takes it upon himself, fearlessly, to do what he senses is a personal calling, save and help this man from harm. This event, happening in secrecy, is occurring amidst the arrival of his beloved uncle, whom appears to be a sympathizer for the resistance, if not part of it himself.  As the film unfolds, Michael's understanding of his father, maturation, love and loss, all come into play, making "WINTER IN WARTIME" as poignant, unforgettable and brilliantly entertaining as "ROAD TO PERDITION."

"WINTER IN WARTIME" is a masterpiece for many reasons, and the acting from everyone involved, direction, cinematography, music and production values, all come together, making it a shining example for those unaccustomed to watch "foreign" films, of how much they'll be missing if not giving great films like this a fair chance to blow them away! It's simply that great!

SONY has provided the correct 2.35:1 aspect ratio for this AVC MPEG-4 1080p blu-ray.  Colors are flawlessly presented, even when intentionally restrained as part of the film's design. Every scene feels natural and minor grain provides the film quality needed to give it that final, perfect cinematic touch!  Detail is wonderful, as the wooden framing of stables, hoof prints of a horse and water left behind within those markings, flawlessly demonstrates. Scene after scene offers amazing depth. "WINTER IN WARTIME" is easily one of the best looking blu-ray releases available this year or any year!

SONY has provided a DTS-HD MA 5.1 mix for this release. While there are some subtle moments, perfectly rendered and showcasing the dynamic range of this lossy mix, typically surrounds and all speakers are utilized in creating a tour-de-force environment. Music, dialogue and discrete/panning, bass effects are used wonderfully throughout!  Sound, as utilized here, especially during the film's tense, climatic sequence, but also during a brilliantly edited cinematic race to stop the unstoppable from happening moments, is brilliantly on display here, as is seldom heard/utilized on other releases. A REFERENCE QUALITY RELEASE!!!

SONY has included a really entertaining featurette, "THE MAKING OF WINTER IN WARTIME(Dutch language-English Subtitles) but it's only in standard resolution.

The theatrical trailer(1080p) and other trailers are also included.

A dvd format of the film is also included.