SRP $19.99 1.33:1 Dolby Digital 2.0 BUENA VISTA
BUENA VISTA has released "WIZARDS ON DECK WITH HANNAH MONTANA" on dvd.  This sort of feature film, recently debuted on the DISNEY CHANNEL and serves as a way to feature the stars and general storyline atmosphere of the the three biggest hits on DISNEY, "WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE," "SUITE LIFE ON DECK," and "HANNAH MONTANA." 
For those just getting acquainted with the name "Selena Gomez," due to her newly hyped songs getting play on radio, she's here as well. 
The Russo family wins a free trip to Hawaii after Justin wins a writing contest. Justin and his sister Alex(Gomez) and the twins from "SUITE LIFE ON DECK" are introduced right away, and this segment moves ahead with a brisk, fun pace. Justin hopes to meet and pursue a relationship with London, but his mean-spirited sister does everything she can to thwart his dreams. Although kids seem to find this toxic relationship between the siblings, funny, it seems pretty discomforting for adult viewers to observe.
The 2nd segment of this feature focuses on Bailey(a sweet girl), her aspirations to see the sold-out Hannah Montana concert when they land in Hawaii, and Cody's plan to get the tickets needed to impress the girl of his dreams, all amidst a shipboard scavenger hunt offering the concert admission as the main prize!
The third and best segment of the feature is devoted to Hannah Montana and plays out as well, feeling just like any of the typicaly great episodes of the "HANNAH MONTANA" series. The "HANNAH MONTANA" series highlights the comedic talents of Miley Cyrus, in "I LOVE LUCY" inspired scenarios. When the wig Miley uses for her "HANAH" persona is blown overboard, her dual life is at harm of being exposed. Of course, there are other funny obstacles built around the dual roles she has to maintain, all with the relationship potential, between Justin and London, and Cody and Bailey in the background.
While all three series are entertaining for kids, there's a surprising amount of charm here to make them almost endearing to adults as well. "WIZARDS" and "ON DECK" are definitely good quality shows, but even within the attempted blending of these series with "HANNA MONTANA," as presented here, it's easy to recognize the latter series is the better executed of the three.
BUENA VISTA has provided the correct full-frame aspect ratio, as it was originally aired. Colors are rich and vibrant throughout. It's a really impressive transfer, especially for a tv to dvd release. Blacks are deep enough to maintain a surprising amount of detail in darker scenes. It's still not of a high enough caliber to be considered "reference quality," but it's one of the best looking presentations that any of the series have offered on dvd thus far.
BUENA VISTA has provided a Dolby Digital soundmix. Unfortunately, surrounds are barely noticeable and separation effects are rarely utilized. The minimal use of ambient effects is disappointing when considering the "feature" length aspect of this presentation. The shipboard location, along with other settings could've been greatly enhanced with even slightly better use of discrete effects. Fidelity is adequate but unremarkable.
The only extras offered are a video segment with Justin's award winning essay, some blooper moments and behind-the-scenes footage.