SRP $14.98 1.85:1(16:9) DOLBY 2.0 FOX

FOX has released a special edition of “ZORBA THE GREEK”.  The late
Alan Bates gives a powerful performance as a writer, moving to Crete,
with the intent to re-start a mine that his father has willed to him.
 Before reaching the village where he’d be living, he meets
Zorba(Anthony Quinn), who is determined to mentor Bates about the
more important things missing in his life.  The Bates character,
unable to really reach his full potential, finds what has been
missing, and thus has the opportunity to be the fully rounded writer
he needs to be.  Along the way, there are numerous trials and
tribulations, including a chilling murder.  The performances are all
terrific, and even though the film feels a little too long in spots,
it’s memorable and well worth viewing.

FOX has preserved the film’s 1.85:1 aspect ratio, with 16:9
enhancement.  The black&white imagery is terrific, offering great
detail and shadings. It’s a well polished image.

FOX has presented options for either the original monaural or 2.0
stereo remix.  The mono is fine, with suitable fidelity.  The 2.0 mix
compliments the music and offers some fine surround moments. Dialogue
is always intelligible and free from distortion.

FOX has provided some extras, notably a commentary with the film’s
director and a Greek scholar.  It’s a great commentary wherein the
two alternate discussions between talking about the film itself and
of the novel and novelist from which the film was adapted.  The rest
of the extras are presented on the opposite side of the disc.  There
is an A&E biography on Quinn. An alternative opening to the film is
also featured, and it’s so awful that we’re surprised the filmmaker
and Quinn’s estate didn’t fight against it being included!  Some
newsreels are also included, but they’re silent and somewhat
annoying.  Several trailers are also included.